School of dancing recreation
``Plyaskin Group``

— specializes in a teaching couple dancing and a full dance preparation to the Ball all over the world. Here, adults dance for pleasure, socialize and relax. Acquire new dancing, creative skills. Participate in famous balls, travel to balls in Vienna, Paris, Dresden, New York. Attend dance performances, excursions, art brunches.

The life of the school
is saturated and multifaceted

There are not only dance lessons, but also lectures on etiquette, dance history, music and art. All this contributes to the diverse development of personality. The school of dancing recreation unites people who are interested in life in all its art manifestations.
Dancing recreation

Plyaskin Group

Participate in famous balls

Plyaskin Group

Plyaskin Group

Saturated life

Plyaskin Group

Travel to balls

Plyaskin Group

Plyaskin Group

Meet new people

Plyaskin Group

Dance lessons

Plyaskin Group

Plyaskin Group

The hosts are
Mikhail and Julia Gribov

Famous couple of professional dancers and teachers, who are the ideologists of the culture of dance recreation in Russia. Organizers of famous dance balls (Ball “New Classics”, “Ball of Lovers”), inspirers of the “Performance of Relationships”, creators of the brand “Dream trip” to famous balls of the world.
Mikhail and Julia


Mikhail and Julia


What you need to
know about learning

Dance is an ordinary miracle that should be available to absolutely everyone. It is important to know: ``If you can walk, then you already know how to dance.`` After all, any dance consists of ordinary steps. The main thing is to enjoy every step!

Therefore, our
method allows anyone

Especially an adult, to learn to dance and get great pleasure from new skills and abilities in the shortest period of time! Rest and Dance at any Event! Especially to feel free and confident on all the Balls of the World!

Our methods

Course of dance lessons

Having visited 1 course
of dance lessons

You will learn what a modern ball is, get acquainted with dance etiquette and learn the basic, most popular and classical dances in a pair. Education and training takes place under the guidance of the main teachers of the school.

You will surely master
the dance skills of dancing:

1. Viennese Waltz
2. Tango
3. Foxtrot
4. Cha Cha Cha
5. Samba
6. Rumba
7. Swing
8. French Quadrille

Skills of dancing

Plyaskin Group

Plyaskin Group

Plyaskin Group

The cost of courses

in your pair (the cost is listed with a pair)

  • (200 euros)

    руб. 14 400 курс
  • Course of 8 lessons (in a group)
    12 hours

  • (250 euros)

    р. 17 500 курс
  • 5 individual lessons
    5 hours

  • (490 euros)

    $ 30 000 monthly
  • 10 individual lessons
    10 hours

4 000 rubles / 1 hour (55 Euro / 1 hour)

The cost of one individual lesson

The cost of lessons

with a professional partner (necks)

  • (420 euros)

    руб. 30 000 курс
  • Course of 8 lessons (in a group)
    12 hours

  • (320 euros)

    р. 22 500 курс
  • 5 individual lessons
    6 hours

  • (570 euros)

    $ 40 000 monthly
  • 10 individual lessons
    11 hours

Cost of dance accompaniment at the ball:

10,000 thousand rubles (150 euros)

Dance accompaniment of a professional partner

If you do not have a dancing couple

— then the team of professional partners will be ready to make you a dance accompaniment in your lessons in preparation for the Ball, as well as during your stay at the Ball.

Plyaskin Group

Plyaskin Group

Plyaskin Group